Stock Up, Top Up, Pop in…

Stock Up, Top Up, Pop in…

How well do you understand the Township Route to Market and the Township Retail Shopper Experience?

There is a time and place for every shopper experience eKasi (In the Townships). If you understand this simple theory, you will see the role of every type of outlet eKasi, formal and informal, and how they all co-exist without fail but continue to prosper, much to the delight and convenience of the shopper and the growth of the Township Economy.

Formal retail at the mall is ideal for the monthly Stock-Up experience, when shoppers visit the mall at the end of the month to fill trolleys with goods meticulously jotted down on a long list, hoping the products will last for 30 days, but obviously that never happens.

And as such they will need to occasionally Top-Up, and for this they need an outlet within walking proximity to their place of residence, and this would generally include the township Supermarket/Superstore and/or Spaza Shop.

This basket generally includes essential items such as sugar, salt, bread, maize and basic perishable foods such as fresh produce and meat.

Last part of the Township Shopper experience is the Pop-In, this is generally by a pedestrian Shopper en route to home, play or work.

It is an unplanned visit to the Spaza Shop, and generally you Pop In to buy stuff you just remembered you need, such as soap, cigarettes, snacks, salt or any seasoning, even airtime.

The existence of the Spaza Shop/Informal Retail POS does not explain the non-existent of other Formal Retail Outlets eKasi, in fact it is imperative for Formal Retail to increase their footprint and awareness in the Townships to be able to take advantage of this ongoing Township Shopper Experience with the biggest Shopper/Consumer Database in the Country ensuring continuous access to goods and services eKasi.

A special shout out to the Spar Group for understanding this insight and assignment, and for acknowledging their role in the Township Shopper Experience.

If you need more insight about the Township Route to Market and Retail Shopper Experience, contact the good folks of Keys Communications.