Township Branded Shops or Container Branding are out of home structures based on informal businesses borne in the townships, that includes General Cafés/Superettes, Taverns, Hardware Shops, Bakeries and Supermarkets.

Our team has built relationships with a range of township and urban commercial entities and informal businesses such as general cafés, taverns, hardware stores, bakeries and supermarkets.

These businesses, which include both brick-and-mortar spaza shops and container structures, have been turned into striking canvases that are perfect for advertising. We employ various technologies to bring the branded artwork and messaging to life including ultra-high definition airbrushing. This offers the finest finishes on walls and brick surfaces and… wait for it… can also be applied in 3D or glow-in-the dark coating!


Is a new and engaging consumer, who is ever so captive and ready to receive new media messages.