WiFi Zones

The universal need to belong, stay connected and be in touch with your community and people, the world over, also finds similar meaning and even deeper truths in the Townships. 
Township communities are digitally divided from other communities, and therefore disconnected from the rest of South Africa and the world. Outside of unavailable resources, the internet is widely perceived to be expensive in South African, and therefore inaccessible.

In a world where internet access is almost as pertinent as human rights, it is within this context that for brands to connect on a deeper level with the largest audience in South Africa, they need to do this through WIFI access, and connecting Townships with the world, to be the enabler of access to information.
Standard Bank has shown us that IT CAN BE done by taking up the opportunity to provide a platform for continuous audience engagements and for connecting township communities with this world.. This is done by transforming township streets into broadband connected communities, and driving increased consumption, brand development and Standard Bank MyMO brand messages, and for continuous engagement with this captive audience, and forming a basis for loyalty.

This was done in our latest offering, Keys Communication Community WIFI Zones and WIFI Enabled Neighbourhood, which successfully connects an entire community within a minimum of a Square Kilometer radius with uncapped WIFI connection, with a minimum of 100 people connected and dominated by the advertising brand at any given moment.


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