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How we do it

Everything we do is based on the Asset Based Community Development Model, which drives local economic development through the use of local resources.

This methodology ensures growth in the township economy and impacts the social framework of the communities we advertise in.

Our messaging goes beyond marketing and advertising because our platforms are multifaceted and the model is based on community upliftment. As a result your messages are owned and protected by that very community ensuring brand messaging affinity.

Township wall murals are Out Of Home structures owned by township communities, and have been turned into canvases for advertising purposes. These are painted with various technologies including innovative airbrushing techniques, which result in the finest production finishing on walls or brick surfaces, also available in 3D and Glow in the Dark finishes.

Our techniques also bring longevity to township Out Of Home Media as our creations are painted on permanent structures and cannot be removed.

Our partnership with Ask Afrika, has ensured thorough research insights into the science and art of human behaviour resulting in innovative and memorable campaigns.

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Our Methodology

Our methods draw from the
background and ethos of

This is an abbreviation for
Asset Based Community Development Model
which employs existing Township & Urban structures, resources and people for all of advertising and marketing purposes, ensuring that we work hand-in-hand with, and benefit, the communities in which our campaigns come to life.


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The ABCD Model

ABCD states that for a message to be understood and its impact to be felt,
it must be written and placed on platforms that are highly visible and form a part of the existing fabric of the targeted communities.


We apply ABCD thinking
to all of our campaigns

We contribute to the economic development of townships through our focused commitment to using local resources wherever possible, which ensures the rotation of resources and money within the township. In this way our clients’ investment in the growing township economies circulates within the social framework of the communities in which we advertise and communicate.

As the impact of this messaging transcends beyond just marketing and advertising, it seeks to improve the socio-economic dynamics of the local communities.

All ABCD messaging and advertising platforms are multifaceted and travel the entire anthropology of township/urban communities, and as a result, your messages are owned and protected, ensuring brand messaging affinity.

Trust the Market Leaders with your Township Out Of Home Media…


We have the facts in qualitative and quantitative formats about the Township Market & Audience.

We have partnered with TGI, the premier consumer profiling tool for Township Out of Home Media, including Township WallMedia/Murals, Townships Spaza Branding and Township Container Branding.

This exclusive service from Keys Communications and TGI means that we now offer social economic measurables that include:

  • Demographic makeup
  • Target market profiles
  • Brand Usage / Preference
  • Brand Awareness
  • Spend Trends Social Media
  • Media Consumption
  • Attitudinal tendencies
  • Product category behaviour