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Who we are

Like most breakthrough ideas in life, Keys Communications was born in 2009, out of a vision and passion for marketing.

“Passionate about the environments they grew up in, our founders recognised the untapped opportunities available to brands hoping to connect meaningfully with consumers in some of the busiest corners, streets and urban spaces in South Africa.”

Anisa Kale, Founder & Owner

Anisa is a visionary leader, an advocate for change, and a true inspiration to all aspiring women in the business world. Join us as she shares her journey, insights, and wisdom on navigating the corporate landscape with grace and determination..

Tune in to the podcast episode from Mosidi Seretlo’s empowering podcast, “Phenomenal Women” to hear about Anisa’s experiences, triumphs, and the invaluable lessons she’s learned along the way. From breaking barriers to fostering a culture of empowerment, this conversation is a must-listen for anyone who believes in the power of female leadership.

Focusing on the technical innovation of production materials and finishes, while reimagining outdoor advertising in these peri-urban community hubs, our team set out to ‘occupy all streets’ eKasi, while never forgetting to add value to their treasured residents. 

 This comprehensive approach quickly gained ground for our growing team, soon establishing our thriving business as the go-to authority in Township Markets and Audiences.

Meet the team

Meet the team that makes all this magic happen!

  • Anisa Kale-Ngwapa

    Anisa Kale-Ngwapa

    Founder & Owner
  • Lucky Mqadlana

    Lucky Mqadlana

    Graphic Designer
  • Refilwe Masweu

    Refilwe Masweu

    Traffic Control
  • Carol Zimba

    Carol Zimba

  • Rashid Ngwapa

    Rashid Ngwapa

    Site Developer
  • Nhlanhla Ndlovu

    Nhlanhla Ndlovu

    Site Developer

This is WHAT WE DO:

We empower brands that empower local communities 

We use purposeful township outdoor advertising

We use unprecedented airbrushing techniques and Strategic Insights