High Impact Township OOH Media

High Impact Township OOH Media

The Townships of South Africa are the biggest consumer database in the country, and there lives the entire spectrum of consumer profiles and levels.

They are a haven for brands looking to grow both in volume and value, and to reinforce their brand equity.

To help your brand tower above in this very important market, Keys Communicationshas launched an inescapable offering in the form of High impact Township Out of Home Media.

These are a select large and iconic sites that deliver awareness, entertainment and information in a disruptive, often large-scale and along social & culture precincts, that also engages the viewer with interactive elements such as WIFI.

High Impact Township Out of Home Media done in our exclusive High Definition Realism airbrush painting.

It offers brands such as MTV and YOUR BRAND more opportunities to employ creativity and grab people’s attention, because of their unmissable size and detailed art and in that they offer real time engagement and consumer response through the use of WIFI.

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