Dope and Adaptive Marketing Practices for The Streets

Dope and Adaptive Marketing Practices for The Streets

Targeting consumers/audiences in unexpected ways and unconventional places is what makes Alternative Urban Out of Home by Keys Communications so powerful in the streets.

With sites already in the heart of urban streets, Brands that are brave enough to play and advertise in these spaces are an instant part of the culture and will immediately reap the reward/s of what it is to be a part of the streets.

This involves ownership and protection of your advertising messages and a certified relationship with the street audience and youth of our country.

See this phenomenon in action with the Wild Posters campaign  did with Keys Communications, taking advantage of this adaptive marketing practice, to tease and create intrigue in urban streets about JIVA series on NOW STREAMING on Netflix.


We placed Wild Posters in known urban street culture and youth sites 24 hours before the launch of JIVA, AND again 24 hours before the series started streaming. The application of these posters in all prescribed locations were created over 24 hours across 3 cities.


I am going to be real with you, if you truly want to perfect the technique that not only grabs the attention of our youth, but also the attention of the streets and it’s culture, now is the time to holler at the folks at Keys Communications on – no cap the best cats to link up with for this type of dope stuff. (Or simply complete the form and we’ll come back to you.)

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