Understanding Township Audiences

Understanding Township Audiences

Do your Township marketing campaigns understand & take into consideration the drive, the triggers, the real behaviours & feelings of your audience?

South African Townships hold and boast the biggest consumer, customer and shopper database in the country.

This is across the value and living standard spectrum that makes up the SEM’s, SEL’s or LSM’s. This is a very important market for any brand that wishes to launch, grow or stay relevant.

There are various ways to win in this market, but none so great as truly understanding this market, audience and business community. You need to understand what drives them, what triggers them, what intrigues them! You need to keep asking the what, what, what and what!

The only way to achieve this understanding and knowledge of this market is to live there, hang around where we hang around, observe us, participate with us, see what we see, how we see, and what we do with what we see.

When you achieve this level of understanding with this consumer database, audience, market and business community, you will never employ the same misfired marketing, media and promotional plans ever again.


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Keys Communications offers various opportunities to achieve this level of audience, market and township business community & shopper understanding, through our Township consumer, customer and shopper immersions.

A brand that has recently been through our highly recommended immersions, is Eskort.

These insights immediately prompted them to change their creative outlook about the campaign and media plans and in turn they are still reaping the benefit of revenue growth and new sales trends.

The Eskort Marketing, Creative and Media team embarked on a 3 days immersion with us between Gauteng and the Western Cape, this increased the dimension in which they ever thought possible as they took the time to really understand this market.

This experience drove them to develop a relatable and suitable creative that was centred around township nuances, language and culture that was immediately loved and well-received by this very important consumer market.

The creative felt like home to the township consumer and shopper, and the message was received directly at home through Township Wall Media and various consumption points and informal sales outlets.

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The team got to see first-hand the magic in not only knowing where the market is, but understanding the their audience, the market and the township business community. This knowledge was fundamental in creating an unforgettable and unprecedented campaign that still has reach.

This is not a story about rocket science, but employing relevant insights about the market, the audience and a township business community, and applying those insights into strategy, media planning, implementation and buying.

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This is how it DONE! … your best and immediate next steps is to call the good folks at Keys Communications on +27 (0) 11 027 0745 (or contact us via our online form) and ask for Kabelo, who will be glad to share insights about the township consumer, customer, shopper and business community and how to always be and stay relevant.