Growing your Brand/Product in the townships is as easy as ABCD

Growing your Brand/Product in the townships is as easy as ABCD

It is no secret that the Townships of South Africa house the biggest consumer database, and for brands and products to win with this market, it is imperative that you follow the Keys Communications ethos and guiding principle of ABCD – Asset Based Community Development model of advertising and promotions.

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This is the use of existing structures, people and resources in and from the townships, and turn those into canvases for advertising purposes.

To drive local economic development through the strict use of local resources and ensuring the rotation of resources and money in many circular motions before it leaves the townships, a backbone of the growing township economies, and having an impact in the social framework of the communities in which we advertise and communicate.

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ABCD states that for a message to be understood and its impact felt, it must be written and placed in platforms owned, and visible only to the targeted communities.

This is as the impact of this messaging transcends beyond just marketing and advertising, it seeks to improve the socio-economic outlook of the local communities.

All ABCD messaging and advertising platforms are multifaceted and travel the entire anthropology of township/urban communities, and as a result, your messages are owned and protected, ensuring brand messaging affinity, and increased everlasting share of heart.

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Keys Communications applies ABCD in all our thinking and actions, all our Wall Media/Mural Platforms, Spaza Shops, Taverns, Branded Bakeries and other informal point of sale is powered by ABCD.

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For more information on how to get your brands in the biggest consumer database in the country. Drop us an email at or simply complete the form and we’ll come back to you.