Ultra-High Definition Airbrushing Anyone?

Ultra-High Definition Airbrushing Anyone?

The Best Township Wall Mural/Media Advertising Production Finishes!

Innovation is a systemic form of transformation which ushers in a new way of thinking and behaviour, either through a product or service. Innovation always responds to a problem or an opportunity, and leads to a revolution.

In the earlier years before 2010, there was very little spent in Township Out of Home media. We could not understand the reality at the time because clearly there was a huge market and audience ready to respond to brand messages.

We then embarked on a Participant Observation mission, where we leaned closer to the very environments we are from, and we picked up that Marketeers were afraid to advertise in Township Out of Home because at the time traditional out of home was Billboards, which used material such as PVC, Mesh and Vinyl.

High Def airbrushing 2b

The problem is that the PVC material was and is still being used by Township communities as the solution for waterproofing in shack dwelling, and as material for shade in mobile barbershops and some hawker businesses.

Vinyl material just had a irreverence about it, because of the easy to peel effect, as a result these material would not last on long term Out of Home campaigns. Marketeers would not even consider Wall Murals because they believe branding on walls was tacky, and bastardised brand properties and important trade-marks, and the artwork application was not as good as printed work.

This was an opportunity to innovate within the framework of our ABCD Model (this is a whole chapter by itself), to take advantage of this clear and present opportunity we coined the term High Definition Airbrushing, which was to mean the highest production quality finish on walls period, and with this we said to advertising clients the only thing we cannot paint is air, because we can’t see air 😊.

High Def airbrushing 3b

The advantage of this type of production is that it is painted on structures owned by Township Communities this diminishes any opportunity for vandalism, and because they are painted on, you can’t cut paint, or peel it off. Over the years and with High Definition Airbrushing, we managed to increase the Out of Home spend in the Townships, and increase advertising investment in a drastic manner, we even managed to bring brands that were never seen in the Townships, and even those brands realised the value of advertising in the Townships, and never left.

Over the years we have also noticed the type of advertisers who would just not advertise on Wall Murals/Media, despite the fact that we even brought 3D and Glow in the Dark to the mix of what we could do with airbrushing on our large inventory across South Africa and SADC.

These advertisers would not advertise on our problem-solving wall because their product USP included the smallest detail like the size of a hair string, and with this shortcoming we missed opportunities and the township communities were not aware of all the brand/product options available to them.

In our true commitment to give brands access to the largest consumer database in the country, and to allow our discerning township audience more options, we continue to innovate against the challenges that arise to distract this movement.

We are proud to introduce our new Airbrush Technology called Ultra-High Definition Airbrushing, that goes as tiny as the detail of a hair string, and we are happy to showcase this with recent work we have done for a premium hair and beauty brand DARLING.

High Def airbrushing 4b

This innovation on Township Wall Media takes up the revolution to remodel township advertising to new dimensions. Come on board to the largest consumer database in the country, we have the platforms, the insights and the innovation to take your brands/product far and wide.

Want to know more about our Ultra-High Definition Airbrushing? Drop us an mail info@keyscommunications.co.za and ask for Kabelo 😊

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