Scottish Leader

Scottish Leader

Since inception we have, and continue to work with widely-known and well-established brands.

We respect that iconic brands deserve equally well-recognised and unmissable iconic sites for the intended messaging to receive the noting they highly deserve, and we have never faltered on this path as we continue to broaden our site inventory to include audience moods and habits.

As a result of this our relationship with these brands and our iconic sites have introduced incredible opportunities in other fields of art, working with world renowned iconic visual and graffiti artists, and finding synergies in our offerings and their signature concepts and pieces.

This month we had the pleasure of working with the amazing iconic artists Damn Vandal and Falco, and we were also lucky to work with the incredible Nardstar for the 2nd time, on the Scottish Leader Blended Scotch Whisky’s “See Art Differently” Graffiti Campaign, showing how different art finishes/techniques can work beautifully and effortlessly together, if given the right canvas with access to the right audience.

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