Unlocking Harmony: Our Spotify Mural Success in Soweto

Unlocking Harmony: Our Spotify Mural Success in Soweto

We’re beyond excited to share the incredible journey of our Spotify wall mural campaign in the heart of Soweto, in collaboration with UMWW.

With our Free Wi-Fi installation, we’ve empowered our township communities to download the Spotify app, opening doors to a world of music and boundless inspiration. Witnessing the community’s embrace of music’s power on this canvas warms our hearts!

But it doesn’t stop at downloads – our campaign has Kindled a musical fire, encouraging collaboration and playlist curation for every mood. Soweto’s playlists echo the unity and diversity of this remarkable neighbourhood.

The wall mural, now a fusion of art and music, stands as a vibrant nexus for inspiration and shared moments. Together, we’ve turned it into a symbol of togetherness and joy. As our campaign continues, we invite you all to celebrate music’s unifying magic.

Let’s keep the tunes flowing and the playlists growing! Get in touch with Keys Communications today.


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