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The Izanokhanyo Community Based Project center is in informal settlements, where 17% of households are child headed households. The center plays a role of providing after care for children between ages 7 years to 18 years old who are still in school. Here after school, these learners are helped with their home works and are given food to take home, to be precise at this point they only receive loafs of bread per learner. Here is the background Info on the project.

Ms. Helen Masumpa is a qualified nurse who sacrificed her nursing career to be a volunteering teacher at a small Not for profit organisation which was called Little Rose, in Kliptown Soweto. Due to a lot of misunderstanding between her and the management of this center, she was given her number of children to teach voluntarily and the management of Little Rose left with children who were able to pay for school fees, therefore teachers at Little Rose were getting paid. Helen used a local shark to teach her large number of unpaying children, an organisation called Noah’s Ark approached Helen and they agreed to open up an N.G.O under Noah’s Ark but it was to be managed by Helen. Noah’s ark was a big N.G.O that empowered communities with knowledge, skills and strategies needed to create and run organisations that support the wellbeing of vulnerable children. It had 23 community Based projects in Gauteng and Helen’s was one of them.

Noah’s ark was responsible for bringing sponsors and donors into such organisations, Noah’s ark brought PCC as the donor for the organisation ran and managed by Helen in Kliptown. PCC got the center a land and containers and the center now managed to move from the shark it was operating in. PCC also started and brought the baking equipment for the center. The bakery was operating very well and the center was active and had a monthly sponsor. It had a lot of activities for the vulnerable children. It used to provide breakfast and lunch for both day and after care learners. The center used to feed learners from 3 different townships; Pimville, Eldorado Park, and Kliptown . Things seemed to be perfect until Noah’s Ark ran out of funds and had to shut down their financial aid to a lot of its centers around Gauteng. Helen’s was amongst those and this took place in 2012. 2013 Noah’s Ark as the whole organisation shut down.

Helen couldn’t let the center to be closed and shut down; in 2012 she registered the center under a new name which is” Izanokhanyo community based project”. All the volunteers and the staff of what was previously known as Noah’s Ark left since they were no longer getting paid, the bakery had to be shut down and the number of children coming to the center decreased tremendously due to lack of funds in the center.

The center has 4 full time staff including Helen that is not receiving any kind of incentive nor wages. It still has the bakery equipment, but lacks money to buy the needed ingredients to reopen it again. The services that the center used to render are still highly needed by this community.