About Keys Communications

(Mara vele Zikhiphani nge Keys Communications?)

Keys Communications are Township Media Specialists. Established in July 2009, by a black lady with mission to OCCUPY ALL STREETS (yes we are 100% Black Owned, and 100%& Black Managed!) So kahle kahle, we are Township Outdoor Media Owners who seek to grant Big Brands/Products and Services access, positioning and noting in South African Townships. This is done through High Definition Production Finishes on Township Wall Media, a tool that allows us to offer uncompromised quality and great value.

We are closely connected to our Townships and Communities, in that while we do our work, we continue to uplift communities through our CSI Model that seeks to use existing Township Walls for advertising purposes, which always results in income for the use of the wall that has been advertised on, so in a nutshell, we empower Brands to Empower Communities, the more you spend with us, the more communities grow, it is a perfect Township Entrepreneurship Model, combined with Philanthropy.

Defining Keys Communications

(Sicela ukuzi caza!)

key1 definition
key (pronounced: kē)

  • A means of access, control, or possession.
  • A thing that explains or solves something else, as a book of answers, the explanations on a map, the code to a system of pronunciation
  • Tone or style of thought or expression, A characteristic tone or level of intensity, as of a speech or sales campaign
  • The tone of a picture with regard to lightness or darkness or intensity of color

noun pl. Keys


  • Controlling; Essential; Important: a key position

verb, intransitive

  • To pay close attention; focus
  • To watch or cover an opposing player closely in an effort to limit the player's effectiveness

keys (pronounced kēs) communications

  • Colourful and Strategic Outdoor Solutions that gives brands access to, and influence a captive audience
  • Essential Outdoor Solutions that seeks to achieve effective reach & frequency at the most costs effective manner
  • Controlling Outdoor Solutions that provide brands that ability to respond to competitor activities
  • Important Outdoor Solutions that give you access to all markets, from Rural, Township to the Big City Life!